CMC was established in 1996 through a smart partnership between ARY Venture Sdn Bhd and Nippon-Comsys Corporation, Japan. Today, CMC Group has grown to become an global player with South East Asia footprint. With over 200 workforce across its subsidiaries in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, CMC Group has developed a wide spectrum of expertise adopting latest technology available, in order to deliver solutions at highest quality commitment that exceeds clients' expectation. 

With years of experience and continuous cultivation, CMC has established itself as the leading Engineering-Procurement-Construction-Commissioning (EPCC) Group in system engineering within its three core industries – public transportation (railway-related technology), telecommunications (network engineering) and oil & gas (electrical and instrumentation)

CMC prides itself in providing high quality and consistent services to its clients - attributed to CMC’s guiding business principles:

Continuously researching convergence of old and new technologies;
Managing and securing the best technologies available; and,
onsistently providing sound and cost effective solutions while enabling and structuring scale-able systems.

With an underlying core competencies, CMC has know-how expertise, technology, and resources to ensure efficient execution of project implementations to ultimately reach and exceeds our clients’ expectations.


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