CMC Communications (CMCC) operates in a niche segment that provides the bridge between the two major sectors in the telecommunications industry – the equipment vendors and the mobile operators. The bridge is critical as it ensures a successful implementation of a project operationally and financially.

CMCC Group is well-established in the telecommunications engineering industry and has been involved in the cellular space within infrastructure engineering; outdoor and in-building management, programme management and design engineering; IT services and outsourcing; and broadband wireless solutions. It has credible track record in the design, deployment and upgrading of fixed wireless and cellular communication networks, microwave systems, and cable and fixed line networks. It has progressed through successive waves of technology implementation from the first generation cellular, paging and trunk radio technologies through microwave systems, WiFi network deployment and from 2G cellular (GSM & CDMA) to 3G cellular (UMTS) networks and Long Term Evolution (LTE).

CMCC Core Competencies

With regional subsidiaries in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, the geographical spread allows a wide economic reach. CMCC Group has assembled a talent pool comprising of management and experts from varied telecommunication background. Led by a management with proven credentials and recognition in the telecommunication industry, CMCC Group’s other distinguishing feature is the pool of specialists, many of whom are accredited and certified by major equipment vendors. 

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