At CMC, we believe in realising the potential of our employees by discovering the latent ability of individuals and developing them to the next level. Our guiding principles in cultivating our employees are based on the fundamentals of our core values; Professionalism, Quality and Innovation, Teamwork, Caring and Respect.

CMC has a talent pool of more than 200 employees, representing a diverse mix of ethnic groups, in South East Asia (SEA). We continuously offer a challenging and rewarding working environment with the latest technological advances and a global exposure.

Our employees are flexible and adaptable to changing requirements in a fast paced environment. This is rewarded with accelerated training schedules, career development opportunities and a fantastic benefits scheme. We work collaboratively, being responsive to changing markets. 
We have ensured that this creates opportunities that result in both personal and professional development of our employees. 

Employees have the freedom to put their views forward and are encouraged to become solution-orientated champions within their teams. We have an open culture which encourages individuality and feedback to the leadership team.

For enquires on job opportunities within CMC, please contact our Human Resources department at or you can fill in our on-line enquiry form at contact us section. 

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