Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in our core values on how we conduct business, develop products and services, and deliver our goals and commitments for our customers, clients, shareholders and communities.

CMC aims to closely adopt the
best practice of corporate governance whereby the responsibility for accountability and quality excellence are shared among all of CMC. Every person in CMC is a leader in their own capacity and responsibility. 

CMC believes this can be achieved from the powerful combination of being real, being whole (integrity), and being innovative (creativity). In developing and maintaining environment for quality excellence, leadership plays a very important role in giving focus and direction to achieve good performance and results.

CMC Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Framework consists of 3 pillars – peopleclients and the community


CMC’s CSR initiatives are focused towards our people as they are the soul of CMC, which includes but not limited to the following:
Provide a conducive working condition and promote work-life balance;
Allow empowerment in certain decision making, particularly those who are involved in project management to ensure speedy  resolution of    issues in delivery quality services to our clients;
Ensure adequate training for continuous skill improvement and self-development;
Rewards achievement of employees fairly; and
tablishing dedicated team to monitor social activities for employees.

We support aspiration to ‘Develop New Malaysians Leaders for Tomorrow’. Our focus is on training professionals with demonstrated commitment within our organisation and also towards special programs dedicated to the science, arts, environment and higher education and social service arenas conducted voluntarily by our people. 


We encourage good citizenship with objective to cultivate meaningful opportunities for civic engagement by our people and members of the community, whether as volunteers, donors or patrons. We are developing the combination of skills, knowledge, values, and motivation in order to make that difference. 


We serve our communities by supporting immediate and long-term relief and recovery efforts for natural disaster victims. Funding also goes to support preparedness programmes that allow relief agencies to be better equipped in responding to emergencies as they occur.

For further information on the initiatives under our CSR Framework, please send us an email at We look forward to collaborating with any party in order to realise our CSR objectives. 

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