We recognise the value and importance of our people and managing talent within our company is a priority. Our employment policies not only comply with all relevant legislation, but seek to go beyond that in order to ensure that the working environment within all areas of our business embraces diversity, offers fairness and equality of opportunity in every respect.

Training is important for the employee’s career development. We provide our employees opportunities for internal and external training courses that are critical for company business.

Orientation Training

Orientation training is the process of giving new employees the information they need in order to do their work comfortably, effectively, and efficiently. Through Orientation training will help new employees gain basic information related to their job and become productive sooner. It also helps to reduce the nervousness and uncertainty of new employees, and helps them develop a positive attitude by boosting job satisfaction, and so they are less likely to quit. Employees with positive attitudes are more likely to do good work.

Orientation Training

On-the-Job Training

CMC practice ‘On-the-Job Training’ where teaching the job while trainer and trainee do the job at the work site. This training involves working alongside an experienced person who shows the trainee how to do the various tasks involved in a job or trade. For technical group, we will get our technology partners to give CMC in house courses on their product to familiarize our staff with their products.

On The Job Training

External Training

CMC sends employees for external training on a regular basis. The intended course is based on the job competencies requirement. We also send employees for other specialised type of training such as Corporate Finance training, Cisco competencies training, Quality training etc. In-House Training / Knowledge Sharing Session

CMC also provides in-house training or knowledge sharing session. It is conducted by our own staff. The training is either one-to-one training as well as classroom training such as basic management theory, English communication and basic business letter writing, etc. Basic Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (“SHEQ”) awareness courses are done internally with the help of our consultant.

Knowledge Sharing

Coaching & Mentoring

In order to help employees maintain and use skills they have acquired, the management takes on the role of coaching and mentoring. This is done informally to support the more formal training process. The steps include observing the employee’s performance and providing feedback, praising proper use of skills, and pointing out mistakes. This nature of training program is especially important for management in CMC to encourage employees to participate in decision making and teamwork.
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