Electronic Security System

Our areas of expertise include electronic public security systems designed to support civil agencies such as police forces, civil defense teams, medical support teams and also search and rescue teams. Our systems facilitate reliable communications between service providers and the general public. They include:

Public Safety
Video protection: end-to-end networking & video co-design.
First responder networks (integration of TETRA, backhaul, OSS).
LTE broadband overlay for first responder network.

The group is also in the forefront of efforts to “wire” and empower communities, cities and nations with the provision of effective high speed broadband networks in an open environment. These will enable the delivery of a wide range of services to the home, work place and community centres. This promotes the development of communities and the interaction between communities and individuals. However these systems while being made accessible to the population at large will be equipped with the necessary security facilities to prevent abuse while protecting the individual. We are mindful of the high rate of cybercrime and the need to provide a safe cyber environment for all users.

Open community broadband
Intercity backbones
Fiber to the home
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