Description of COINS

Coins, the Corporate Information Superhighway is Malaysia's first multimedia networking solution based on ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) technology.

It is fast, open, nationwide and globally connected, broadband multimedia communication network with huge capacity of up to 10 Gigabits per second. As we moves towards the realization of the MSC, new business challenges will present themselves.
Among them are regionalisation and globalisation of business, remote manufacturing, borderless marketing, eCommerce, distance learning and etc. By virtue of its broadband multimedia applications, coins is the only networking solution that can meet demands.

The relationship between COINS and the Multimedia Super Corridor

The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) is a 15km by 50km zone south of Kuala Lumpur. It connects the KL Tower, KL City Centre and the new KLIA. It is a high bandwidth global multimedia communications infrastructure built on
a 2.5 -10 Gigabit digital fibre optic backbone. COINS, with its unique and advanced networking features will be the networking platform that will manage the transmission of information within and outside the MSC. The seven identified flagship multimedia applications of the MSC; electronic government, telemedicine, smart schools, a national multipurpose card, R & D clusters, worldwide manufacturing webs and borderless marketing centres will all require the massive bandwidth reliability and security of COINS to run successfully.

As more and more customers latch on to the COINS network, COINS unique features will ensure customer demands are met effortlessly. While the future of COINS will be one of constant renewal and research. With its bandwidth of up to 10 Gigabits per second, there will be no other networking solution as advanced, unique or cost effective anywhere else in the region.

Why an organisation would require COINS

If you recognise most of these situations as occurring in your organisations, COINS is probably the solution.

(i) You need to connect many sites in a partial or fully linked environment;
(ii) You have a Star network configuration that requires more than one local loop at the main site
(iii) You operate parallel private networks for more than one application
(iv) You have geographically spread LAN (Local Area Networks) that need to be connected
(v) You need higher speeds for data, voice and image communications
(vi) Your business is growing and you need the flexibility to expand your Network;
(vii) You need connectivity to ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and WAN (Wide Area Networks); and
(viii) You need a cost effective networking solution

Products and Services of COINS 

Coins Dialup- Coins dialup is a fully managed, high performance dialup remote access network solution that provide user a secure way to access corporate information anywhere, anytime as if they are virtually plugged into
the office LAN. 

For instance, mobile employees and remote offices can get access to a wide range of application including e-mail, file sharing and other enterprise software. Sales representative and clients can access latest product information immediately from anywhere, even after business hours. Daily reports can be download to PC from hundreds of location instantly. Coins Virtual Private Network (VPN)- This is a managed, wide area networking solution that supports, secure and reliable internal communication and widespread sharing of information. In other words Coins VPN supports exchange of information (including data, voice and images) within large enterprises, partners and suppliers.

Coins VPN provides a guaranteed site to site managed services. In Coins VPN, there will be no longer be a need to develop a private network infrastructure. In its simplest form, coins customers will just have to be connected to coins nodes nationwide to benefit from this Virtual Private Network. 

Coins - Coins i Office is an integrated service that allows you to make phone calls, send and receive fax, e-mail message and access the internet from one source. It incorporates all your communication needs into a complete package customized for your convenience.

Strategic Application of COINS

As a world-class broadband multimedia networking solution, the applications of COINS is endless. Among the typical business sectors that can use the strategic applications of COINS are:

Banks need a fast, secure, reliable network that would permit existing applications and allow the evolution and growth of new applications. They look for integration of their LANs with their mainframes through a multi protocol platform. These criteria have to be met at reasonable cost. COINS meets these requirements easily with guaranteed bandwidth, thus ensuring fast transmission of information. And its service is implemented with encryption to ensure reliability and security. At the same time, COINS can connect LANs and SNA traffic to form one enterprise network.

Transport and Services
In transport and service company environments, quick and efficient exchange of customers' information, delivery acknowledgement, online reservations, billings etc determine success. These applications often have to be brought online and deployed nationwide. COINS virtual connectivity allows networks to be rapidly modified to meet changing business environments. Network capacity on individual connections can change in real time, to meet the needs of dynamic applications and respond to peak business.

Government agencies require a single advanced network solution which is competitively priced, while providing the best telecommunications services to support new government applications. For example, city, state and national governments need access to the Multimedia Super Corridor. At the same time, there is a growing need for support of network-based applications such as electronic government, government infolines StateNets, Smart Schools, telemedicine applications etc. COINS high speed, cost effective broadband multimedia networking platform, that is responsive to the multi-site government agency requirements, meets these needs easily.

Brokerage and Securities
These companies require a comprehensive package of data such as financial news and transactions, commentary, analysis of global foreign exchange, equities, bonds and commodities markets. These brokerage companies also need a corporate private network infrastructure to ensure communication between them and their major clients are both reliable and secure. Besides, there is a need for remisiers and dealers who choose to work from remote locations to constantly access their corporate private network through dial-up facility. To achieve this, brokerage companies are migrating from their existing network architecture to COINS. They are now able to extend their database through remote access servers.

With the globalisation of business, remote manufacturing away from the main research and development centres, is becoming a reality. Engineers and plant managers working at remote manufacturing facilities will need quick, reliable broadband multimedia networking access to their R&D facilities away from their factories. Often CAD/CAM changes will have to be made on-line. COINS broadband, multi protocol, multimedia networking platform is able to handle communications between discrete locations and respond to these needs.

Retail and Trading
Companies in the retail trade with branches in remote locations must have the capability to monitor stock deliveries, manage inventories, ensure efficient customer/supplier billings, perform sales scheduling and respond to customer requests rapidly. COINS guaranteed bandwidth and nationwide connectivity is able to integrate all these requirements into a cost-efficient solution.

Internet and Intranet
As a total broadband multimedia networking solution, COINS also provides a reliable gateway to the Internet via TMnet. Intranet is also another value-added application which is supported by COINS such as TMViPnet. With TMViPnet, private enterprises and corporations will be able to run their intranet applications in a secure environment at a reasonable cost.

(source: Telekom Malaysia Berhad 2001)
To view in pdf version: coins_white_paper.pdf

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